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This Guided Astral Projection uses the Wake Back to Bed Method with Affirmations and is designed to help you astral travel with ease. 

It takes you through a classic OBE technique, called the wake back to bed method (WBTB). This does require a bit of extra effort and discipline, but the pay-off could be great. This technique is highly effective. We’ll be combining it with the use of affirmations, which doesn’t rely on visualization. 

The first step is to go to bed as normal and set your alarm to wake up after 6 hours sleep. That means you’ll ideally be listening to this after you’ve woken up from 6 hours sleep. Of course you can listen to it at any time if you want to work with the affirmations, but to get the most out of this track, consider listening upon waking from 6 hours sleep. Some authors suggest practicing after 4-6 hours of sleep. Personally, I have found 6 hours to be the most effective and it’s also what Robert Peterson suggests in his latest book “Hacking the Out of Body Experience.”

The second step it move to another part of your home, that’s not your bed, like your sofa or guest room. 

And finally, settle in and simply listen to the guidance of my voice.

I will guide you to a state of mind awake body asleep using yoga nidra (also known as non sleep deep rest or NSDR). Once you're in this state of deep conscious relaxation, you will guided through a set of affirmations to have an out of body experience (OBE or OOBE). 

The track is most effective with headphones.

Travel well... and have fun :)

About astral projection

An out-of-body experience is when your consciousness appears to separate from your physical body. Your perception of self isn’t in the same place as the physical body. Generally, this is accompanied by a feeling of exiting the physical body – either floating up, sitting up, or phasing out of the body. However, this is not always case, for example, you can convert a lucid dream into an out-body-experience.

Nothing compares to the sense of complete freedom you feel when you’re out-of-body. You can soar, fly and be anywhere you like as soon as you think of that place. You can visit anyone you wish. You can travel into the past and into the future. You can meet your guides, swim with dolphins or reconnect with loved ones that have passed (including pets). I have done all of these things. Only your imagination limits you and you start to truly comprehend the unlimited nature of your being.

For me, OBEs are a gateway to a profound inner awakening and spiritual growth.

The basis as I have been taught it is that everything has an energy foundation. That means everything is created on an energetic level FIRST before it’s here in the physical world. And that includes us.

So, we have an energy body that is an energetic blueprint of our physical bodies - and you can sometimes feel it, maybe in a yoga nidra class or in savasana and you can tune into this undercurrent of energy.

An OBE is when your energetic body comes out of alignment with your physical body - so there’s a sense of separation.

You’re shifting your conscious awareness from our physical body to our higher-frequency nonphysical body - call it your energy body or astral body. This can also be a feeling of expansion.

Out-of-body experience is a broad term and includes:
- near death experiences (NDEs)
- spontaneous OBEs, such an an operating table
- induced or self-initiated OBEs, which is what we call astral projection

Trying to describe what an out-of-body (OBE) experience feels like is a bit like describing what love is… it’s something you need to experience for yourself to truly understand. 

Astral Projection Meditation | Wake Back to Bed Method with Affirmations

  • Please note the price displayed is in HK$. Please use the conversion tab to see the price in your local currency.

    Duration: 1.5 hours
    File format: mp3
    File size: 86.6 MB

    After purchasing, you will immediately be able to download your track. You will also receive an emailed link that will be valid for 30 days.

    To put this track on your iPhone/ iPad, I’d highly recommend downloading it to your computer and then syncing your device in iTunes. This is the easiest way to download any music file (including this track) to your devices. Alternatively, you can save it to your files on an iPhone.

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