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This Ho'oponopono Meditation for Deep Healing uses the hooponopono mantra to cultivate forgiveness, peace and transformation. It is an ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice that means ‘to make things right’.

Hoʻoponopono is a simple, yet incredibly powerful practice that can create great change in your life, mend relationships and wipe the slate clean. This healing practice draws on the forces of repentance, forgiveness, gratitude and love.

The hooponopono meditation is based on four simple statements or affirmations, which are repeated over and over. This particular guided meditation is set to relaxation music.

This forgiveness meditation is a great meditation for beginners and can also be used to clear negative emotions, which in turn can help strengthen the law of attraction.

You will get the best result if you do this deep healing exercise daily, either in the morning before you start your day, right before you go to sleep or both.

Ho'oponopono Meditation for Deep Healing

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    Duration: 18 minutes
    File format: mp3
    File size: 23.1 MB

    After purchasing, you will immediately be able to download your track. You will also receive an emailed link that will be valid for 30 days.

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